Pushing Limits



The advances in CCTV technology are turning video surveillance into one of the most valuable loss prevention, safety/security and premises management tool available today. It is widely-used by different industries to monitor for shoplifters, dishonest employees, record evidence against bogus accident claims, identify visitors, employees, look out for unwanted intruders, to monitor hazardous work areas, record events and accidents as well as ensure the security of the premises and parking facilities, the benefit of CCTV in loss prevention & security are phenomenal.

When designing CCTV surveillance system, first we look at the application of the system then for the government & security authority standards and regulation for such installation. The main objective of the CCTV surveillance system is to monitor Entrances, Exits, Parking areas, emergency exit routes, public areas, lifts, critical areas & hazardous areas like the Electrical Room, pumps room and any gas tanks or passages leading to these areas.

Live Monitoring and Intrusion Detection

Storage of footages of the entire properties to monitor the thefts and frauds, proof of display in digital signage, access control, anomaly detection, and image processing.

Location Tracking and Mapping

Search for a specific target within the surveillance perimeter, track, locate and follow and analyze behavior.  

Traffic Control and Analysis

Monitor the volume of access to the protected area, control access, and analyze.

Number Plate Detection

NPR cameras capture number plates of the vehicles store, analyze, and generate usage reports. Authenticate access based on the number plate.