Pushing Limits



Intercom systems can be designed for the entrance security of the residential buildings, offices, warehouses, etc., STS offers a wide range of products in this field from small home systems to large buildings according to the operating scenario provided by the customer and the risk analysis carried out with an optimum equipment configuration.

Intercom systems with or without image video transmission are installed in the most suitable places to ensure entrance security. They can be used as stand-alone or networked depending on the number of users and of entrances to be managed. Depending on the existing wirings of the building or by the request from the customer analog, digital, or IP based intercom systems can be installed. Depending on installed configurations, the system permits host-visitor communication or communication between occupants of the same building or Communication between a caretaker and visitors. In residential estates and condominiums, the system permits communication between the occupants of apartments and the security staff and visitors. Designs are normally carried out according to the chosen option and the budget of the customer.

Residential Buildings

Storage of footages of the entire properties to monitor the thefts and frauds, proof of display in digital signage, access control, anomaly detection, and image processing. 

Location Tracking and Mapping

Search for a specific target within the surveillance perimeter, track, locate and follow and analyze behavior. 

Intercommunication within large entities

Monitor the volume of access to the protected area, control access, and analyze.