Pushing Limits



Our total IT solution includes all IT services to support an organization to be competitive, cost-effective, and responsive. The performance of your critical infrastructure is essential for business productivity and customer satisfaction. Services include provocative support and management of server, hardware, and software resource trend reporting, hardware repair, operating system patch monitoring, alerting, and installation services.

The network management hinges on the network design and troubleshooting, the key factors for network security. Without a reliable network management system, the control and security of networks may become cumbersome because of the novel network design characteristics. We offer the network design by reviewing the customer requirements, studying and understanding the hardware, software, and application nature to provide cost-effective solutions. Our designs meet the customer’s expectation of availability, reliability, redundancy, scalability, integrity, and security. Our Engineers are trained in Legacy systems (Serial, Profibus, etc.) to the latest technology to fulfill various customers and industry expectations. We also provide different architecture and topology such as Hierarchical, Ring, etc. depending on the requirements and taking onboard geographical consideration resiliency and Security. Conducting Proof of concept enables our team to consider various vendor devices and systems involved and make sure this design is deliverable.

Our Engineers manage backups & technical documentation with patch management, log maintenance & authentication testing, and conduct audits. With the thorough screening process, framework, and technical audits, they effectively remediate the customer challenges in the network design and troubleshooting.

As a system integrator, we understand the nature of the businesses in the industry we serve, recognize the portion of the process and system requirement, and study the communication flow. Upon reviewing all device communication modules involved in a network and determining the type of communication, we also understand the limitations and provide the most feasible solution required to fulfill the business needs. Our IT support service plans are adopted to fulfill the needs of all small/medium/enterprise businesses.