Pushing Limits



This is one of the most important systems in the Plant as they are meant for making announcements during normal and in an emergency situation. Apart from marking announcements, the systems also provide Alarm Notification and a means for two way communication between point to point or point to multi-point within the Plant. The system can be interfaced with other systems like Telephone, Radio, etc to further enhance the operational and functional aspects.

A public address system is a combination of a set of audio equipment that allows broadcasts over a designated area. Often found in schools, office buildings, malls, religious worship places. PA systems can be used for announcements or emergency information and provide a simple way to get information out quickly. PA systems can be basic or advanced and can be adapted to fit a variety of needs.

Basic PA systems are comprised of loudspeakers placed in convenient locations around the broadcasting area, an amplifier to increase the sound, and a mixer, which allows variation in sound levels. The user speaks into a microphone, and the sound is transmitted through connected cables to the area surrounding the speakers. Some systems also include microphones or intercoms near the speaker locations, allowing the listener to reply to the central location, although not to the entire system.

Mass Communication

One-way and two-way paging